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Unboxing Massive Darkness

Ever wondered why people open boxex online? Today I’m joined by Kickstarter and unboxing aficionado, Rasmus Strand. Together we open the Massive Darkness board game, from Cool Mini or Not and Guillotine Games, that just arrived in the mail. Hopefully we can get some answers not only to what’s in the box, but also to why one would publish the opening of it.

Join us also for the extra material, where we unbox the Kickstarter exclusive stuff

Unwrapping ’Steal This Game’

He opened a postcard he received. You won’t believe what was found inside!

Sorry, bad joke. No, I will not sink that low. A game. It was a game. I found a game. This is a presentation of it.

Let’s Play Explores the Essen Experience

Christmas time is boardgame time, and nothing says boardgames like the international boardgame fair in Essen. This is the first of (at least) two episodes exploring what it is that makes people go there year after year.


Ouija in Swedish Radio!

Halloween is closing in, and apparently I will be on Swedish Radio, P3 today. I will be discussing the occult Victorian parlour game Ouija board. If you believed it was from ancient mystic origins, this is your chance to be enlightened. It’s in Swedish though, but if you understand the language, feel free to tune in and listen!


Let’s Play Pokémon GO Plus!


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