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Pyramids 2 Pancakes

I don’t really have the time right now to write a full post, but this is good and I want to spread it, so here’s a short, and not that well thought through rant: It’s about the new economy, the role of design and the consumer as producer. But, even though she doesn’t really say it directly,  it’s also about feminism and the overthrowing of an old system that gave power to the people already in power. Looking at feminism from that perspective turns it into more than gender equality. uit’s about equal power, it’s about ’we are the 99%’. And yes, I may be putting more words in there than she would admit or agree upon. I’ll just put a quote here, hope you’ll take 15 minutes to watch it, and decide for yourselves :

Josephine Green talks about the change of age from one way of thinking, of being and of doing in the world to another and the challenges in the 21st century. She explores social innovation, the decentralization and distribution of creativity and capacity through the system and stimulates thinking and insights around the future of innovation and design.

If you’re more interested check: Pyramids 2 Pancakes (I haven’t really had the time to read through it myself yet)


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