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Just returned from Prolog

I’ve just returned home from this years Prolog. A Swedish larp-convention with both games and development forums. A nice place to meet others with similar interest in a quite relaxed environment.

During the convention among other things I presented my view on larp as a designed activity, and that’s one of the reasons for writing this now, even though I’m really tired. I promised my audience to put something up, and I will… tomorrow. But for now it will have to do with this short comment. And you are most welcome to comment back to me if you want to get in touch or discuss something around what we talked about!

Other interesting things during the conventions: I visited several gender discussions, some body language and power technique workshops, and I got to run a test on our new game Codename:Heroes. The link to the game work, but the page is mainly for mobile phone, and you won’t be able to run the game unless we are there running it with you… But if you sign up you will get an email telling you when we have something more compleated!


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