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Swedish Internet of Things Day

Visited the Swedish Internet of Things day at SICS (yes, just over the hall, but still a big event with about 300 participants). Sadly I had previous engagements in the afternoon and could only visit half the day. But on the few hours I was there I heard interesting things.

A lot of what was presented is things we work on in the Mobile Life Centre, but also some new insight into what others are up to. Among the “new stuff” I found Mike Kuniavsky’s talk on “the Internet of people: integrating Internet of Things technologies is not a technical problem” the most interesting. He focused on IoT not being about connecting machines, but about finding what people are interested in and among his ideas was a focus on services, not machines. In his example he mentioned how people visit services from multiple different machines, but want to find a similar experience in all of them. The loyalty is to the service, not to the artefact. It doesn’t matter if you’re at your phone, your laptop or your TV; the service is viewed as the same entity in all of them.

Now, lets just see how to connect this to our view of pervasive gaming


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