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Recently me…

About once a week I auto-publish a list of my recent web activity. It’s a list of blog posts and webpages, tweets and images. This is a list to inspire you, as well as a reminder for the future me.


  • Leaving for San Francisco. Twee, mail, or call me if you’re there (no Facebook). I’d like to meet up with friends, old and new! #gdc #gdconf >>

  • Annika Waern (@wanais) will be talking games at Tom-Tits (@Tom4nyfikenhet) Science Cafe, 1mar. http://t.co/K4iQOr4a >>

  • The discussion on game and violence continues. Mostly between statens medieråd an KY. I know what side I’m on: http://t.co/zzyEgkEx >>


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