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Nordic DiGRA, short recap (#ndigra12)

There’s been a couple of reali interesting presentations during these two days at Nordic DiGRA. Linderoth and Björk on Boundary Maintaining Mechanisms, Waern on framing games, Stenros on defending the magic circle and Hoch-Koon (can’t find a link) on elliptical learning is probably my favourites. Also the panel on ’the dark side’ and moral choices in games are interesting. Most presentationsin the panel are case studies, but Linderoth bring it more towards a way of framing the problem overall. Also he gives a good argument on Goffmanian Frames over Huizingan Magic Circles.

Also the opening keynote by Nick Montford on the computer demo scene, was interesting, looking at likeness and difference between them and gamers. But I had a hard time concentrating because of his use of the word ”scener” as someone being part of that scene. I haven’t been involved in a long time, but I’ve never herd them refere to themselves as ”sceners”. Have you? Is this used and I’m just to far away nowdays, or is it a strange word to use?

Also, Waern mentioned, Codename:Heroes, the new game we’re working on in the closing panel. If you’re interested check our facebook page and like, so that you will get our updates as things move along. If you want to make sure to see the update, go to the web page and add your name in the form and we will send you an email whenever there’s a game test!


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  1. Scrabble Online Against Computer 2012-07-07 23:01

    Definitely sounds like some fascinating topics were discussed. I’m not familiar with elliptical learning though. I guess I’ll head over to google and look it up.

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