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About once a week I auto-publish a list of my recent web activity. It’s a list of blog posts and webpages, tweets and images. This is a list to inspire you, as well as a reminder for the future me.


  • Time to slow down after #ndigra12. Thanks for a nice conference! Lots of new thought, and notes for the reading list, as always! Now, sleep! >>

  • GRA!!! As Annika said, game design going on again. http://t.co/LdxJfhQb if you’re interested. Like it and follow the development! #ndigra12 >>

  • RT @personamatters: .@JonasLinderoth providing fireworks with frames versus magic circles. #ndigra12 >>

  • RT @LizardEnigma: People who laugh at the ridiculousness of larp have clearly never seen clips from digital games. #ndigra12 >>

  • Hmm.. did I link the wrong person last tweet? It should be @JonasLinderoth, not @LinderothJonas I think… Sorry. >>

  • Linderoth (@LinderothJonas) defining larp: ”a bad excuse to make out with people you’re not supposed to” #ndigra12 #afterhours >>

  • Kind of new project. Interesting for some, if they (we?) manage to get it more complete, keep your etes open! #larp http://t.co/jQEoHUaZ >>

  • RT @LizardEnigma: GRA!!! #ndigra12 (J. Tuomas points out that most player typologies break down when you look at non-digital games as well.) >>

  • ”1985 – The year of communication”. I think I herd this more recently as well :-) #ndigra12 >>

  • @aakoo Different colours of the #ndigra12 discs, but which ones the winber? >>

  • Nordic Digra 2012. Confrence starting, looking forward to interesting thoughts, presentations and discussions! #ndigra12 >>

  • RT @davidgauntlett: Live stream for Henry Jenkins (@henryjenkins) talk STARTING NOW at http://t.co/LHH1G73A #digitaltrans >>

  • @MariaMyhr crap! I built a filter against that. Obviously it doesn’t work. Will fix! Thanks for mentioning. >>


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