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Passing On, one week of game design

I just realized I never wrote anything on my game design during the summer. I went to the TOTEM Summer School together with 16 game designers and programmers. For one week we designed and programmed mixed reality and pervasive games for the android. And when I say program, yes it does mean I programmed Android as well1 When it ocomes to mobile phone I’m used to being only the designer, but this gave me the opportunity to be part of the programming team as well.

Our team cosisted of four people: Marta Clavero Jiménez, Jacob Garbe, Sahar Vahdati, and myself. The game we developed worked with teams of two players with different roles and a limited capability to communicate. One player played an investigator solving a riddle in the castle that was our home for a week. The other player played a ghost that communicated with the investigator. The ghost was sitting in one place and could follow the investigator an a map. The ghost also knew where the investigator needed to go to find the next clue. Meanwhile the investigator did not have this information but could instead talk to the ghost. While the investigator could talk, the ghost could only answer by knocking on his device, and this signal was transformed into buzzing on the investigators device.

Jacob wrote more on the game on his webpage: http://jacobgarbe.com/passingon and you will be able to find more information on both our game and the other teams on the TOTEM web page in the future.


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