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Codename Heroes at EIT ICT Labs

I am planned to give a lunch talk for students and partners in EIT ICT Labs in Kista, talking about the game Codename Heroes that we are developing. The plan need to change a bit though, as I suddenly got a meeting in Göteborg. But my dear college Syed Naseh, who also been involved in the process will tell you about it all!

It will be a bit of everything in game design as science. About design issues, maybe some dos and don’ts, definitely about the game in itself, probably about game design as science, for sure about the core audience of young women and how to design for empowerment. I also promised it will be a bit about how we in the play spaces project and in Mobile Life design for ’the good life’, beyond efficiency and work. And, it will be a discussion, so make sure you get involved and bring the focus to the areas you find most interesting!

So, even though I wont be there,if you are part of EIT ICT Labs I think you should take the opportunity to come and listen to a(nother?) great young mind in game design research!

(Interested and outside of EIT ICT Labs? Contact me and I’ll send you forward to the people to speak to)


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