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Magicians and Medieval times

Back from a working holiday at Medeltidsveckan (the medieval week) in Visby, Gotland. Usually go there, partly to meet friends but also to perform and to watch others perform. Last year some of my magician friends arranged something they call Magikergränd (the magical alley), or rather they have been doing it for a while, but that was the first time in Visby. This year a lot of my time was used to help them with the practical stuff, and some smaller cameo appearances as evil creatures.

Magikergränd is an interesting concept, a full day of magic shows where the audience can stay for just one or as long as they want. In between of shows the magicians still keeps character and mingles with the audience, keeping the magical world alive (for all, but mainly the kids). The character have been with them for a long time and are a natural part, and inspired by their other work, making it meld with the everyday outside of the alley.

The week gave me many opportunities for long discussions around real and fiction, abut the border in between and what makes people believe, and also around the value of lies in making things real. The short version: we scrapped suspension of disbelief as a concept to explain whats going on, as it does not work for magic which is to a large extent dependent on knowing things should not work. Instead we turned towards social psychology and Goffman’s social frames, constantly renegotiated to understand how we play together with the, for many, unfamiliar magic.

If you ever have the opportunity i can give them the best reccomendations, and I hope you will have the chance to see them!


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