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My life is revolving around my licentiate thesis right now, and it finally came back from the printers! For you who are not in the Swedish system, we have quit a long Ph.D.-program, usually running for five years. Half way through you sometimes write the lic., being kind of half a Ph.D.

20131113-171911.jpgWriting the document of course takes a lot of time. Sometimes it feels like I could have been going into the actual Ph.D. writing by now if it wasn’t for this one, but it shaped a lot of my thinking and forced me to really cut down and define, a task that is hard to do and hopefully will form my future work into a better piece. The thesis is more of a question than an answer, showing what I will continue to do with the rest of my time as Ph.D.-student.

The defense is next week, and after that I’m officially a ’licentiate’, whatever that means. Anyway, it is available with my publications if you want to read it. The link may change after the defense when it is available from a more official place, but for now you can get it here directly from me. The associated articles are also available from the publications page. Yo can grab the PDF directly here if you don’t want to go through everything looking for it.


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