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Thesis presented, firstlook in the rear view mirror!

Last week I defended my Licentiate thesis (or ”half-doctor” thesis, to explain even outside of Sweden). It is available here if you are interested in reading. If not I´will try to talk a bit more about it here later, and some of the central arguments is going to work its way into my normal way of writing and talking, so you will probably get it after a while :-)

Licentiate Thesis with Staffan's NotesHere’s a picture by my opponent, Staffan Björk, on his copy of the thesis, with notes and questions. Staffan shares his working time between Göteborgs Universitet and Interactive Institute, and his big interest is in Game Design Patterns. The patterns is related to my work especially in the kind of knowledge that is created. I talk about ’intermediate-level knowledge’, meaning it is not the grand theories, and it is not absolutely generalizable, but there is still common traits that can be reused in the right situations.

Before diving to deep into this I should really go through the central arguments and findings though, so you know if you are actually interested. And avoid falling into the researcher trap of presenting all the background first, before actually saying anything. But hat will be for a upcoming blog post.

Now, if you are interested, go to the publications list and find the thesis. All the articles are available there as well! Please tell me what you think! What you are wondering about? Can this be useful for you in a more practical setting, or is there something that you would love to see added before the final thesis?


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