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Global Game Jam Stockholm: Recap


We organized the Stockholm event of the Global Game Jam this weekend. The main organizers were me and Inger Ekman from Spelverkstaden, with lots of help from a bunch of people! 48 hours of intensive non stop game development. At the Stockholm site we were just over 40 participants. Double that of last year, it starts to turn into a really nice event!


This year we were jamming in Tekniska Museet and it worked really well. Great place and greate people. They had the place and the needed internet structure for it, we provided program organization and everything else.


In total we had 12 games (I think, still have not had time to land properly). We gametested early, and with external people. Already at twelve on Saturday, 19 hours after the event started, the museum audience was let in for the first time to try the games!

If you would like to download the games and try then yourself they are availible through ggjsthlm.lets-play.se


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