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The late summer, a short recap.

Maybe I should have mentioned before it happend that I was speaking at Kulturfestivalen (Stockholm Culture Festival), but this last month I had no time for the internet. Actually had vacation, you know, the real kind where you actually don’t work. Took a trip to Morocco for a week. We were actually going to Spain, but made a detour via Marrakesh and Fes. After coming back home I went directly to Visby and the medieval week, to work with my friends, and local geniuses the Magicians Alley. A bunch of magicians and entertainers coming together for a week to reenact a magical world where everything can happen. For the whole week they play stage shows, but never break character in between shows. Kids love it, and adults love it just as much. It is wonderful to see everyone step into the play as soon as they enter the place.

Now I’m away again, visiting Utrecht and the Identity and Interdisciplinarity in Play and Game Design Summer School. A nice course, with nice people and discussions, but a bit to crowded schedule. I feel I don’t really get the time to get to know all the other lovely people with similar interests. But I do have some new Facebook friends, we’ll see who will stick around for the future!

Will be back home by the end of the month, starting of courses at Uppsala University! To any of the HCI students who manage to find their way to this site: Welcome to Uppsala!

To anyone from the course: Please share your greatest (learning) moment! The one thing that gave you that experience of: aha!


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