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Big Things in Finland. Three Game Related Tesises in a Few Weeks

For all you Nordic game scolars out there, and everybody else interested in some heavy reading: This is great days in Finnish game studies. No less than three thesises have been defended during the last few weeks. All are availible for you. Personally I’m diving into Jaakko’s text now.

(Also stealing his short presentatins)

Veli-Matti Karhulahti: Adventures of Ludom: A Videogame Geneontology

This dissertation argues that most videogames might not be games at all. It offers an ontological study that explores how videogaming differs from its related cultural phenomena such as ‘games,’ ‘puzzles,’ ‘stories,’ and ‘artworks’.


Jonne Arjoranta: Real-Time Hermeneutics: Meaning-Making in Ludonarrative Digital Games

This dissertation shows that games should not be understood as a singular category, but through family relations. It focuses on one type of games, ludonarrative, and unfolds their meaning-making with hermeneutic analysis.


Jaakko Stenros: Playfulness, Play, and Games: A Constructionist Ludology Approach

This dissertation builds a framework for understanding playfulness, play, and games. The concept of play put forward is wide and promiscuous and has implications for the conceptualizations of things such as gamification and griefing.



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